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Welcome to jHawk Customs!


jHawk Customs has joined forces
with BNA Audio and Barry Audio Designs to form

Greenboy Audio LLC

Please click on the name to go to our new website
For current news please visit our Facebook page via the link below.

You Found Us

We are stoked that you found us. But who is us?
Most importantly, we are an authorized builder for fEARful, that's who. What's a fEARful you ask?
Well if you have to ask, you could click the fEARful logo down there and do some serious research.
Or, go to the "What The?" page for the synopsis.
If you're already in the know, then welcome to jHAWK Customs!

We are a maker of custom products specifically related to the music industry.
  *Featuring speaker designs by greenboy including the incredible fEARful line of bass cabinets.*
Our products include:
- Speakers for Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, and PA.
- Effects pedal boards. Our standard sizes or custom made for your collection.
- Amp stands which conveniently double as road cases.
- Cases that conveniently double as amp stands.
- Anything you can dream up that can be made from wood.
   We love to collaborate on projects!

Checkout "The Stuff" and see how we can help you with your "bottom" line.

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